You Too Can Write A World-Class Resume!

The first review of your resume by the recruiter will probably be only a few seconds.  That’s not much time for you to pass the initial cut. Here are a few tips to make your resume really pop.

Less is More

Be sure to make your resume clear and concise.  It should be a single page, simple to read and understand.  The resume should be compelling enough to tempt the reader to learn more about you and invite you in for an interview where you can expand on the information.

Focus on the specific position.

Your resume should be focused on the job you are applying for.  What have you done in the past that will make you an excellent candidate to meet the company’s needs?  Highlight your accomplishments as opposed to the work that you have done.

Formatting tips.

  • Ensure that your name and contact information is easily found.  There is no need for a lot of personal details.
  • Mention the position you are applying for.  This will help the application tracking system file you correctly and enhance the chances of your resume being seen by a recruiter.
  • Present a summary of your qualifications at the beginning of the page.  This will lure the reader to dig deeper into the details below.
  • Review your previous experiences and education; choose the information you want carefully.  What’s really important for the recruiter to know? What have you done that will make the reader select you over someone else?
  • Include skills you have – not just the knowledge of software packages, but also include soft skills.  What are your values and attitude that will make you an excellent employee? How are you’re your communication skills?
  • Hobbies can show that you are a well-rounded person.  Everyone loves to travel, but do you have something that you love to do that will show you have a positive personality that could benefit you on the job?

Get another set of eyes.

Have someone else read through your resume.  Errors in spelling or grammar send a clear signal that you aren’t interested in the details.  The other reader can also give you feedback on the tone of the resume and how well you are selling yourself.

Be professional and never lie.

The resume is the way for you to bring your best self forward.  It should emphasize all your accomplishment, highlight your skills, and show you in your best possible light.  There is no need to lie; everyone has winning qualities.

It’s also essential for the little things to be professional.  Verify that your e-mail address is something that you want an employer to use.  Check that your pictures on social media reflect someone that the company will want to hire.  

Getting past the starting gate and into the front door is always a challenge.  These tips should help you successfully land your next interview. Here’s a video to help you create a world-class resume:


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