Who’s really the Boss? The Power of being an Executive Assistant

Everyone thinks that the boss is the most powerful person in the company, but think again. As an Executive Assistant – you are the real power in the organization. The executive needs you to make him or her look good and work efficiently. Without you – things would not be running smoothly. Look at the list below to see why the Executive Assistant is a critical asset.


The executive assistant works in proactive mode. The job requires that you know what the boss wants even before the executive is aware of it.  You essentially have to anticipate the needs and desires of your manager; meeting or even exceeding the expectations. You have to be out in front – reading your crystal ball or tea leaves; making sure everything is arranged and available. Without you – the executive couldn’t function seamlessly.

Control of Information:

Executive assistants have all the documentation the executive needs to perform their job. You see information and pass it to your supervisor based on urgency – remember there are only 24 hours in a day. You determine what top priority is and what gets put on the back burner.

Who’s In and Who’s Out?

You control all the executive’s scheduling needs. This means that you decide who meets with the boss, when, and for how long.  You are the gatekeeper. No one passes through without your approval. You know how to keep the executive’s day running smoothly and efficiently.

Being the Right Hand:

As executive assistant – you have the trust of the management. You know what needs to be handled to move the company forward, meeting goals and keeping best interests in mind. You’ll be required to speak with clients and protect company secrets. The executive is counting on you to be honest and loyal. You may even be required to function on behalf of the executive. Now that’s real power.

An executive assistant is vital to an organization. You are a powerful force working behind the scenes so the executive can better perform his or her responsibilities. A good executive assistant will be able to make the boss look like a superstar. You Rock!

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours

Les Brown


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