You’ve been doing all your tasks and completing all your assignments, but you now need to report this to your manager. What’s the best and most effective way to report your progress to the boss? Is there a standard format that your company uses or a frequency for these reports? Here are some tips for effectively reporting your progress.

Communicate clearly and concisely. Take some time to decide what you want to say in the most direct manner. What important messages do you want to deliver? What have you accomplished to date?  You are not writing a novel, just informing others of your progress. Keep your report short and sweet.

Who’s the reader?  Consider who will be reading the report. Is it only your immediate manager or will it be for many stakeholders? Does your whole team need to follow your progress? What value will others get from your report? Tell your story with the reader in mind.

Use a consistent format. Divide the report into sections such as: plans, progress, and problems. This will let the reader focus on what you plan to do in the future, what your progress is up to now, and any problems you are having. This is also a great way to track issues over time to see if you accomplished your plans and overcame the issues you faced.

Report Frequently. By reporting on a regular basis – you’ll keep your supervisor aware of your activities. You will have an open line of communication to discuss anything that isn’t going as expected, catching problems before they get out of control. Your boss will be informed of your plans, allowing you both to align on objectives.

Progress reports are a way to communicate with your manager, team members, and stakeholders who are all interested in your assignments. They are a great tool to track actions over time; especially useful for mid-year or year-end reviews when you can reflect on all the work that you have completed. Amazing what you have accomplished over a period of time. Stand up and take a bow – yes – you did it all!

How does your company measure employee progress?


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