Looking for a job where you’ll learn different things, work with different people, solve problems? You may be cut out to be an executive assistant.   

An Executive Assistant’s job is never dull. Every day brings with it new and stimulating challenges. 

These are the top 5 benefits of the job, given to us by veteran Executive Assistants. 

  1. You Get To Do It All
    As an EA you get to work with people in all the different company units, you get to sit in on a variety of meetings, and even work on a variety of different projects.
  2. Help People
    Being an EA is the perfect job for people who like to help others. This is a role where you will find yourself working with everyone in the company at some time or another, as well as with customers. You will find yourself helping them often, with solutions to problems or even with a smile and friendly greeting.
  3. Work With Different People
    You will get to work with everyone in the company, from the other admin staff to the engineers to management, it can be very interesting. And, in some EA jobs you might also get to meet celebrities and people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.
  4. Company Pride
    As an EA you will know your company inside and out and that will inevitably bring with it company pride. You will no doubt feel a sense of pride in your company’s product or service.
  5. Enjoy A Challenge
    If you enjoy a challenge this job is for you. Whether it’s solving the puzzle of how to fit everything into your boss’s schedule or helping a team make a deadline, resolving confidential emergency situations or helping your executive achieve his goals, you will never find yourself without some sort of problem to solve.


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