Recommended Places To Hold Productive Business Meetings In NYC

The Conrad

The conservative, textbook example option, would be to rent a meeting room at the Conrad, located in Lower Manhattan near the city’s Financial District. If you’re not sensitive to price and not looking for trendy design, this is a great option.

David Rubenstein Atrium

Opened in 2009, the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center is a public visitors’ center, that allows you to just decompress and get away from the crowds. Free Wi-Fi, vertical gardens, a great coffee shop, free performances, makes for an unusual atmosphere for a business meeting.


With dozens of locations spread throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, WeWork is a good place for meetings in NYC, with a cool design. If you’re not into privacy (windows, everywhere…) and can deal with some level of noise, this is a reasonable option. Please note that membership is required, and the person in the company registered as a member must attend the meeting.–NY

Meet in Place

This is a company that provides meeting rooms ONLY – no office space(!). It’s a network of boutique offsite meeting locations in NYC, London and Tel Aviv. The customers are typically international companies, looking to conduct offsite meetings of various types, including creative brainstorming sessions, quarterly business reviews, sales training, workshops and even job interviews. They love the stylish, energetic meeting rooms, both formal and informal, in various sizes, that are especially designed to ensure that they will be as productive as possible.

Meet in Place’s Grand Salon at 42nd and 3rd
Meet in Place’s Grand conference room at 42nd and 3rd

ABC Kitchen

Located near Union Square, ABC Kitchen is a hidden gem. The food and service are spectacular. ABC Kitchen presents a changing menu that is locally sourced and globally artistic in a fresh and articulate space. Business lunch is highly recommended here.

Tianti Books

Tianti is a peaceful cafe with nice pastries and tea served in a relaxing setting. The Falun Gong books, banned in china, are there mostly to set you into the mood. You definitely won’t break the bank as you browse the reading ware while enjoying your tea and croissant. An original place for a meeting.


Walker’s has been around since 1885. This is a very cool, old-time pub, the front entrance, at the corner opens into the main bar area with some seating. Great atmosphere, and outstanding food, surprising for a pub. A nice place to hold a meeting, while enjoying a great piece of history!


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