Qualifications With Added Value For Assistants

Administrative workers, office managers and executive assistants, must have a wide skill set that enables them to effortlessly ensure the efficient running of the office and staff. Excellent organization skills, people skills and time management skills are a must for a busy assistant who has to juggle her work along with solving problems and putting out fires all day long.

If you take a look at most administrative assistants’ CVs you’ll find they are all very similar with mostly the same skills and qualifications. If you are serious about your job and want to really stand out from the others you might want to make sure you have at least one extra qualification that will bring added value to your company.

5 Qualifications That Add Value To Your Company

1. Learn a second (or third) language
English is the most spoken language worldwide for business which means that as an English speaker you can work with almost anyone. However, knowing a second language can be a huge advantage in the workplace. Not only can you communicate with other speakers of the language, you will also be more aware of your international customers’ culture.

If you do not know how to speak another language there are many different language schools and tutors in every city, or you can take an online course or private lessons with a tutor online.   

2. Become a notary public
Have you ever thought about becoming a notary public? The process doesn’t take more than a couple of months to complete and it has many benefits. If your office has to constantly deal with documents that require authentication you will save the company a lot of money and time. Look up the information for your state online.

3. Presentation-making skills
Effective presentations are one of the most important business tools today. Not only does the presenter have to be able to present skillfully to get her point across, but the actual presentation itself has to communicate the message in a short, precise and interesting manner. Any assistant that can skillfully create an efficient PowerPoint presentation is worth her weight in gold.

4. Bookkeeping skills
It’s true that as an administrative secretary you won’t be expected to do the work of a bookkeeper, but you might be expected to deal with salaries or money from time to time, or even use bookkeeping software. Having a basic knowledge of bookkeeping principles can add value to your job.

5. IT skills
Proficiency in software use, particularly use of the Microsoft Office Suite, ERP systems and even social media, is a must these days, but a deeper understanding of IT can hugely benefit the office. Assistants who can solve small – medium IT problems, can be a sort of in-office “help desk”, a great help to the busy IT department.


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