Offsite Team Building Ideas

The best way to keep your team productive is by keeping them happy.
One of the best ways to do this is by building up a strong and supportive team.
Get your people together beyond normal working hours, outside the office, and make an impact on their work as a team.

Take a walking tour of your city.

During the daylight hours. Get a local tour guide to take you around to see the places in your city that you never visit and always miss because you are busy at work.

Tour a local factory for free.

Many factories offer free tours. It’s always interesting to see how other teams work. 

Break bread together – outdoors!

Enjoy a long lunch together at a local park. Either the company can provide the catering or the employees can bring their own lunch.

Take a fun class together.

From wine tasting to painting classes, you can find a wide range of classes that your team will enjoy and which will help them bond.   

Teams that play together work well together.

There are numerous options, escape rooms, laser tag, bowling, or even an old fashioned board games evening.  

Volunteer in the local community together.  

Teams that volunteer together share something special.  This can be a long term volunteer project or special one-time projects, for example during the holidays. 


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