How To Save The World (Or At Least Yourself) From Bad Meetings

There is an epidemic of bad, inefficient, overcrowded meetings plaguing the world’s businesses. David Grady has some ideas to stop it, and so do we.

We love humorous TED Talks and this one has a great message. Today people seem to participate in too many time sucking, inefficient meetings. And, most of the invitations to these meetings are unorganized, you might not know what the meeting subject line is referring to or why you were even invited. Maybe, if there was an agenda things would be more unambiguous.

Watch what David Grady has to say about this epidemic of badly planned meetings in his hilarious TED Talk. We couldn’t agree more and we can tell that his audience agrees with this message too.

In our opinion, holding offsite meetings is the cure to this problem.

People who hold meetings in external meeting rooms tend to take their time, as well as that of the participants’, more seriously. Participants receive meeting invitations clearly stating the goals of the meeting and they even send an agenda!

So, No MAS.


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