How to Organise Your Boss’ Calendar Like… A Boss!

One of the most underrated tasks on an office manager’s to-do list is scheduling appointments on her boss’ busy calendar. 

Scheduling appointments for busy managers can be arduous and calls for the use of many different skills; such as organisational and time-managing skills, decision making skills, and maybe most importantly – people skills. 

It may even seem overwhelming at first, but after you have mastered the technology and have learned your boss’ priorities it will get easier. It will still involve juggling, but it will be doable.  

Here are a few tips to help you keep your boss’ calendar and time organized.   

  1. Make sure you are on the same page as your boss. Before you even start scheduling appointments on your boss’ calendar make sure you know exactly what he expects of you, what his priorities are, what he needs you to schedule in and what work he needs to do. If you don’t know or are not sure of anything – ask! 
  2. Block time for routine work and activities. Make sure to schedule work meetings for you and your boss to catch up. Also, make sure to schedule quiet work time for your boss, ask him which hours are the most productive for him to work alone in his office.  Try to block the same time every day for this work (reading and answering emails, making phone calls, preparing for meetings, etc.) it is much easier to work when you have a routine. 
  3. Know the meetings. When someone asks to schedule a meeting with your boss find out what the meeting is about. You might find that the subject can be dealt with over a phone call or via emails. If your boss is scheduled to leave the office for external meetings try to schedule other external meetings for the same time (don’t forget to add time for traveling). 
  4. Prepare for meetings. Make sure to receive any material needed for the meeting at least two days in advance and make sure your boss knows what he needs to prepare for every meeting. If meetings are to be held off-site book a dedicated meeting room for the hours that he is in meetings and have the other participants meet him there. 
  5. Keep meetings running on schedule.Confirm all meetings at least a day in advance, to allow you to utilize any free time from cancelled meetings. Also, make sure that meetings don’t run over, because that can upset the schedule for the rest of the day. 
  6. Prepare your boss for the day. Whether you print out his schedule every evening before you leave the office, or he goes through his day on his smartphone calendar before getting to work in the morning, knowing the day’s schedule in advance will help your boss make the most out of his time. Don’t forget to synchronize your boss’ schedule on all his devices. 


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