How to get the CEO to absolutely trust you

Trust is a must for an Executive Assistant, but how do you gain that trust from your boss? What steps do you need to take in order to have the executive rely on you blindly? Here are 4 tips to increase trust.

Know your CEO. Be aware of everything about the executive – from the way your boss likes to drink coffee to the people he or she wants to avoid. If you can see how the boss wants things done; then you can step in and carry out the requests.  Align your knowledge of the CEO with your actions. If your boss is concerned about the environment, use paper cups instead of Styrofoam (or better yet use a washable mug).

Align goals. What are the CEO’s objectives and how does he or she want to achieve them? By understanding what inspires your CEO you can tap into that knowledge and work accordingly. It’s easier to get where you want to go if you know the purpose of the journey. Your job as executive assistant is to help the boss reach the desired destination.  

Do your job well. It’s your responsibility to anticipate the executive’s needs and to prepare. Have the needed materials ready for your boss’s review well in advance. Make sure the CEO’s calendar is as efficient as possible and avoid wasting time. Complete your tasks by understanding what the top priorities are. The more effective you are at your job, the better your manager will be; and the more trusting of your work.

Avoid surprises. Don’t let the CEO be caught off guard.  There is nothing worse than when the boss is blindsided and has to scramble to get his or her footing. If you hear something that might affect your manager – it’s your job to step in and be the informer. It will give the executive time to prepare and plan a course of action.

These 4 tips will help you gain the trust of your supervisor. Be honest and upfront, keeping your manager updated on situations at the office.  Align with the CEO’s goals and work methods to enhance the success of both of you. The better you do, the better your boss does. Work together for victory.

What steps are you taking to gain your CEO’s trust?


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