Does your boss appreciate your hard work?

You’ve worked for weeks on the project and finished before the deadline, but does your boss appreciate all your hard work? Does your manager thank you for bringing in new clients or hitting your targets? Will you receive a promotion since you’ve mastered your responsibilities and are ready for new challenges? How can you get your manager to appreciate you?

Are you meeting your manager on a regular basis?

If you meet your manager regularly; it’s comfortable and easy to inform him or her on your progress and activities.  This will allow you to develop a rapport so you can mention the work that you are doing to benefit the company. You have the opportunity to talk about all the hard work you have successfully completed.  Make a list to review or give to your boss – it’ll help remind your supervisor of all your efforts.

Can someone whisper in your boss’ ear?  

If you’ve done work for a colleague; ask him or her to tell your supervisor about your contributions. If you’ve given a customer excellent service; ask that customer to send an email to your manager on your behalf. Managers love to hear positive feedback about their employees.

Can you praise a teammate?

By recognizing someone else – you initiate appreciation culture. The person that you recognized will feel good about himself or herself.  This will in turn allow someone to recognize your efforts and commend your work. There will be good karma in the organization and the whole team will be happy that the job was done well. Everyone can takes turns making an extra effort and going the additional mile.

Are you happy and positive?  

Your boss will appreciate your smiling face and positive attitude. A “we can do it” approach will show that you are glad to be part of the team, a content employee. This will give your manager one less thing to worry about, making your supervisor’s job easier. Of course, if you aren’t happy, you need to let your manager know.

It’s important that your manager knows that you’ve worked hard and it’s equally important that your work is appreciated. You need to remind your boss that you are an integral part of the company. Be sure to speak up and “toot your own horn”.


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