Diversity: a buzzword or an important tool for you?

Today an organization isn’t made up of employees who all come from the same neighborhood.  A company in our global world is comprised of people of all cultures, religious beliefs, races, ages and gender.  But how important is diversity? See how it can enhance the corporate culture.

Diversity brings creativity.

If all employees have the same background – the answers that they develop will be similar.  By bringing diversity into your company; you permit people with dissimilar points of view to express their ideas.  Employees of different cultures take different approaches to problem solving allowing for multiple solutions to be discussed, evaluated and chosen.  This in turn can increase business opportunities.

Diversity improves the company’s reputation.

Companies that hire people from different cultures can often get business worldwide.  If you have employees that understand the culture of your clients – it’s easier for those employees to please the customers, especially if they speak the same language.  Those employees are aware of specific nuisances that might make or break a business deal. Lots of firms today are more apt to working with companies that have a diverse employee base.  

Diversity promotes employee growth.

What better way for coworkers to learn than from each other?  The recent college graduate will benefit greatly from the veteran employee with years of experience.  But this isn’t just a one-way street. The more experienced worker can listen and learn from someone new to the company – looking at the situation with fresh eyes.

Should you hire just based on diversity?

You may be missing out on hiring the right talent; if you focus only on diversity.  Choosing someone because of their gender or race, might not put the optimal person in the position to best meet the company’s needs.  If you have two candidates with equal criteria; feel free to consider selecting the one that will increase the diversity in your organization.

It may be hard to practice, but diversity is key to a successful business.  The more you reflect on the future of the company, you realize that diversity is a competitive advantage that your organization can’t afford to ignore.  Open your mind today to the benefits of working with people from all walks of life.

Here’s a great link consolidating articles regarding diversity in the workplace.  https://www.wonolo.com/blog/50-must-read-articles-on-diversity-in-the-workplace/


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