You’ve just arrived at the office and there’s already hustle and bustle. As office manager – you need to focus and get everyone moving. Here’s a few tips to create the perfect office morning routine.

Start the day before. At the end of each workday; make a list of items you want to tackle in the morning. Have this list ready on your desk for the following morning. This way you’ll already know what you have planned. Make sure also to look at the next day’s calendar so you’ll be aware of any events you need to prepare for.

Get to the office early. It’s always nice to have a few quiet hours before everyone comes in so you can organize yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish without the noise of people in the office. Remember – the early bird catches the worm.

Grab your morning coffee, tea, or glass of water. Get what you need to eat or drink before you sit down at your desk to work. This will prevent you from starting on something, realizing that you’re thirsty and now need to run down the hall to the café.

Review your calendar.  You looked at it the day before, but take a glance in the morning with fresh eyes to prevent missing any appointments.  It’s helpful when you are assigned tasks to create time in your calendar to perform those duties. If you have a report due, reserve time for yourself on your calendar to do the report.  

Schedule time to review your e-mails. This may sound silly, but setting time each day to work on emails is a must. By taking a half hour each morning to go through the mails (marking which are for action and filing those that are for information), you’ll keep your inbox clean and identify tasks that await your attention.  

Look at your To Do List. Since you’ve marked your emails with any new action items; you can review your To Do list and see if you need to make any changes. Did a company executive ask for information that you need to provide? This might bump ordering supplies down a notch on the list.

Limit your workload. You have a million things that you need to do, but keep the stress level down and focus on the top 3 items that are high priority. Having those major tasks completed by the end of the day is sure to make you a winner.

By starting the day before and coming in early; you’ll set yourself up for an organized and productive morning. Having a clear morning routine at the office will make you feel in control. Stick to it and you’re sure to be successful.

How do you start your day at the office?  Do you have any tips to share with us?


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