Can you make extra money as a virtual assistant – and should you?

Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra cash? Even better if you can do this from home. In today’s business atmosphere you don’t need to be tied to a formal office to successfully get the job done. You can put your executive assistance skills to use from the comfort of your own house. Here are some items to think about if you want to become a virtual assistant.

Do you have the necessary skills?

As an executive assistant; you are well organized, with basic computer skills.  You are probably a very good communicator with knowledge of arranging meetings, both in person and audio/teleconferencing.  I’m sure you have the ability to handle mails, do research on-line, and keep things running smoothly. Even if you aren’t an expert, there’s nothing that can’t be learned.  

Can you manage your time well?

If you can juggle projects, tasks, and customers – then you can be a virtual assistant. You’ll have to be able to manage yourself – setting the right priorities and not wasting time. Remember that meeting deadlines is critical for both you and your client. I’m sure that you’ve been doing this for your company, but doing it privately means you really need to make every minute count.

Are you able to solve problems?

There’s a reason that the business owner is hiring you.  You are there to take ownership on issues; completing tasks that the owner isn’t able to do alone.  By knowing how to solve problems on your own, you are saving the client time. Of course – you need to verify that your solution is the one the client wants or that you are able to present the client with multiple options to choose from.

What equipment is needed?

You’ll need a computer and an internet connection.  Nothing too fancy, just enough to get you started. Most homes already have these items, so you are ready to go without spending lots of money.

Just as in the office – entrepreneurs and business owners need to complete administrative tasks to keep their business running.  You could be just the answer to meet their needs. So what are you waiting for – go ahead and take the plunge.

Here’s a link to help you find work as a virtual assistant:


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