Becoming a COO: is it possible for you?

You’ve been working in the same position for quite some time and you feel ready for a new challenge. You feel it’s time for a career change – so you look at your options. Is becoming a Chief Operations Officer (COO) your next rung on the corporate ladder? Let’s take a look if this is your next opportunity.

Do you know the business?

Do you know all the ins and outs of the corporation? Are you aware of what is needed for day to day operations? Can you look at current processes and point out things for improvement? It’s critical to know how the business runs in order to be a COO.

Can you influence people and manage projects?

If you can motivate people toward a goal and connect with coworkers to complete projects; then you have the some of the qualities for becoming a COO. You need to see the big picture and encourage others to follow your lead. Think of what the company needs and persuade others to join forces with you to successfully complete the company’s objectives.  

Can you predict the future?

Although you don’t have a crystal ball – do you know the corporate strategy?  What needs to be done to reach those targets? Can you measure where the company is today and plan the steps for the future?  By assessing the current operations of the organization – can you forecast what will happen? What adjustments should be done to ensure the company becomes more effective and efficient?

Do you network?

You are part of an organization and do not work in a bubble. In order to get things done, you need the cooperation of other people. You won’t rise to the top, if you burn your bridges and antagonize coworkers. Remember – “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. Working hard is not enough in today’s businesses – you’ll need to connect and network to advance your career. Keep in mind that you should build your network both inside and outside the company.

As COO you are just one step away from running the business.  Knowing the operation, the people, and the projects give you the qualifications for the position. Having a network of people with you will help make your job easier. A clear vision of the future will make the dreams a reality.

Is becoming a COO in your future?


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