9 things you shouldn’t do when asking for a raise

  1. Don’t complain. It’s pointless.
  2. “I know this is not a good time to ask for a raise, but…”
    Don’t begin with an apology. You don’t need to provide your boss with an excuse.
  3. “I’m doing the work of 3 people”.
    That’s what everyone says.
    Have you ever heard of anyone who thinks they’re overpaid and underworked?
  4. “I have personal problems”.
    Well, do you think your colleagues’ life are perfect? Maybe you think your boss should reward people according to their needs rather than contribution?
  5. “I’ve been here over a year”.
    So what?
  6. “If I’m not getting a raise, I’m leaving”.
    Once you’ve said that, even if your boss accepted your ultimatum, they’ve begun to look for a replacement. No one likes to be bullied.
  7. “I just found out that the person sitting next to me is getting 20% more than I do!”
    That’s not your business. You’re getting paid for the value you’re putting in, regardless of your seating arrangement.
  8. “I’d like to get an 80% pay rise”.
    Well, some people want to be president, too. Good for them!
  9. “I work very VERY hard…”
    Well, excuse me: were you under the impression that you’re here on vacation?


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