7 Key Employability Skills

Although skills differ by job, there are a number of core skills and traits that are necessary in order to get a job. These skills will help the employee throughout their working life as they change workplaces and roles.

Employability skills are the set of skills that enable an employee get along with his or her colleagues, to solve problems and make critical decisions. These skills are also sometimes known as soft skills.

According to the 2018 World Economic Forum report The Future of Jobs,  we will need to supply skills in the future that machines cannot. These employability skills will help us keep our jobs.

What are these essential skills?

  1. Foundation skills –  prompt (arrive to work on time), organized, dependable, make a great effort, complete work on time even if it is not a task the employee enjoys doing, desire to improve, uphold dress codes and personal hygiene.
  2. Interpersonal skills –   friendly and polite, respect everyone at the workplace, request feedback and take constructive criticism, work well with others.
  3. Communication – ability to read and understand written materials, understand body language, understand and ask questions, convey information clearly to others, good listener, Express ideas clearly verbally or in writing.
  4. Teamwork – ability to work with others in groups and teams, sensitivity to others’ needs, responsible for his/her own share of the work, contribute to achieving the team’s goal.
  5. Critical Thinking – ability to think clearly and rationally, understand, analyze, and interpret information and draw conclusions, approach problems in a consistent and systematic way, provide structured reasoning.    
  6. Problem Solving – identify, define and solve problems, make decisions about the best course of action, accept change, work calmly in stressful environment, ask the right questions to enable problem solving.
  7. Leadership – ability to coach others, willingness to take risks, negotiation skills, ability to motivate and direct others, efficiency, strategic thinking skills, planning and delivery skills.


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