7 Important Ways To Impress Your Boss

In today’s competitive work environment, impressing your boss is essential. It’s a key component to getting a raise, climbing the corporate ladder, or even remaining employed. Let’s look as some items that will help keep your manager smiling.

  1. Do your job well.
    This seems obvious, but it’s critical to success. Accomplish your tasks flawlessly, meeting due dates (it’s a plus if you can complete assignments early). Work efficiently and consistently. If you commit to a task, make sure you follow through to completion. This shows that you are responsible and dependable; traits managers look for in employees.
  2. Be Professional and Positive.
    Be punctual (even early) and dress appropriately. Make sure you are focused on work, leaving problems from home – at home. Having a positive attitude will prompt others to also be positive. By showing enthusiasm and dedication – you’re sure to impress your boss.
  3. Support your boss.
    Your goals should align with your boss’ priorities. You’ll be seen as a team player with the boss as leader of the group. Be open and decide on actions that are required so you are both in sync. Be loyal. If there is a conflict – discuss this directly with your boss. Your manager will appreciate your honesty.
  4. Take Initiative.
    It’s a plus if you ask for additional responsibility. Be ready to step-up and take initiative. Go the extra mile and look for ways to do more. Is there something that needs to be tackled that you can do? Will a new project that you handle show both you and your boss in a positive light? Don’t be afraid to be proactive to promote the company’s interests.
  5. Find Solutions.
    Assist your boss to fix the problems. Come up with possible solutions to issues instead of just pointing out the problems. Don’t complain – come up with positive ways to solve complications.
  6. Think Long-Term.
    What’s in the long-term interest of the company and what can you do to align with those goals? You’ll be seen as a valuable employee looking toward the future. Your manager will see that you are thinking of the bigger picture and what can be coming down the road.
  7. Measure your work.
    When it comes time for your review or if you are asking for a raise – you need to know what you’ve accomplished. Keep track of your activities so that you can easily show your boss your value to the company.

Your manager is your primary connection to the corporation. Your boss’s opinion is crucial for your growth in the company. Following these 7 suggestions will help you impress your supervisor.

How are you impressing your boss today?


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