You love your work and you want to stay; so how do you make yourself indispensable?  You want to be an integral part of the company – where people not only need, but want to come to you for assistance or advice.  Here are 6 ways to make yourself indispensable.

  1. Help others without expecting assistance in return.
    Let others feel free to seek your advice. Be open and honest, ready to assist as needed. If you are approachable, your coworkers will come to you for your opinion and guidance. If your colleagues know that they won’t be forced to do something in return, they are more likely to pursue you.
  2. Increase your skills.
    What do you excel at? Are there certain tasks that you can do better than others? Look for opportunities in your company where these expertise are required. In addition – are there skills that you need to improve? If so – what kind of training is necessary to acquire these talents? A simple course might be the only thing standing in your way to become indispensable.
  3. Work hard and be dependable.
    Working hard will definitely make you a valuable employee. By being dependable and providing all your deliverables; the company and your manager recognize that you can drive your projects to a successful conclusion. People will know that they can come to you to get the job done.
  4. Step-up to new tasks.
    Is there something that the company wants done, but can’t find the resources? Expand your responsibilities and take the tasks. Embrace the new job showing that you aren’t afraid of changes. You’re doing your part for the company and going the extra mile.
  5. Be positive.
    By keeping a positive attitude and smiling; others will gravitate toward you. Your high spirits will be contagious and will drive others toward achieving success. Happily working together will make the organizational atmosphere more pleasant. Everyone will need to see your smiling face to get them through the day.
  6. Be a team player.
    No one can work in a vacuum. Support your colleagues and enable them to be the best that they can be. Appreciate the work that they do and respect their efforts. When you acknowledge and compliment a coworker – you’re sure to not only increase their productivity, but raise their desire to work with you.

Becoming an integral part of a company is necessary in today’s economy. These steps are an easy way to help make you indispensable. Just a few tweaks can place you in the right spot and make you a vital cog in the organization’s wheel.

What are you doing today to make yourself indispensable?


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