6 Steps To Choose The Best HR Software For Your Company

Choosing software for you company can be a daunting experience.  You want to be sure you select the product that best meets your company’s needs (both today and future) without overspending.  

  1. Define your organization’s needs.
  2. Decide on the budget.
  3. Research the market for HR software you can afford, including support and after sales needs.
  4. Demo and test the software to meet your company’s requirements.
  5. Consider implementation and integration into your environment.
  6. Make a decision.

What does your company need?

The first step is to understand the tasks you want from the software.  The software should be able to streamline the basic HR functions of personnel tracking, payroll, and managing benefits.  You might also be interested in having software that will perform resource management, including recruitment and development of your company’s people.  Prioritize these tasks so you can see which are most critical and therefore required in the software you choose.

Consider the size of your organization, its planned growth and strategic development to understand the amount of information the software will need to maintain.  

What’s the budget?

How much can we afford to spend?  There is no sense in evaluating a software package that is above and beyond your budget.  

Keep in mind that there are also additional expenses.  You need to consider the cost of installation (do you need to hire a technical team), after installation support (who will maintain the software and the data), and training (how will the appropriate people know how to use the software)?  

Review the possible products.

Compare between products, checking which products have the features that you need.  Is there a demo? Seeing the software in action will assist you in making an educated decision.  

Take the software out for a test drive.

Is it easy to get data in and out of the system?  How much data entry is involved? Is the system flexible and what are the reporting capabilities?  How easy is it to move between features? Remember that it will go faster as you become more familiar with the software, but you definitely don’t want something too cumbersome.  

Bringing in something new to the company.

How easy will it be to implement this software into your organization?  Where will the data be stored (consider that this information needs to be secure – it’s all the information about the company employees)?  Is there a simple method to move data from its existing location to the new software?

Make the decision.

Don’t be in a rush to choose.  Be sure to consider all the points above to make an educated selection that will satisfy your company’s needs both today and in the future.

Which HR features are important to your company?

Here’s a link for evaluating different HR software packages:  https://www.softwareadvice.com/hr/


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