6 Principles For Getting $H!T Done

If you look at wanted ads for admins positions you’ll see that the hiring companies are all looking for someone who “prioritizes getting stuff done”, “loves getting stuff done” or has a “sense of satisfaction from getting stuff done”. In other words – every office needs someone who will get things done!

Here are our 6 principles for getting stuff done:


You never seem to have enough hours in the day, it seems like you’ve just arrived at work and it’s time to go home. Such is the life of an executive assistant. But, leaving yourself some time every day to plan your day, your week or even your month can help you prioritize your workload and reach your goals.

Give yourself some time each week to organize your work space and plan your time and you will increase your productivity.

Use checklists

We often say that executive assistants have superhuman abilities, and while this is true, they sometimes need to rely on tools to get everything done. Checklists are a fantastic way to make sure that nothing is forgotten when you’re working on recurring tasks.

And, if you don’t like pen and paper checklists you’ll find a huge range of checklists online for every imaginable work related subject.

There’s an app for that

As mentioned, tools can help us keep our work in order and help us go the extra mile. Today, you can find an app to keep you on track with almost any office management task.

You’ll find apps for travel booking, note keeping (and sharing), calendars, project management and more, to help you take control of your workload.

Defeat distractions

All the apps in the world won’t be able to help you if you succumb to office distractions. If you are in an executive assistant position a large part of your job includes assisting others with a variety of tasks therefore it is very important that you know how to set boundaries. Start by letting people know when you are available to assist them and when you are busy with your own work, make and stick to your work hours.

Don’t let office noises or other employees distract you for your work. Make it known that you don’t have time to chat during the day, or you’ll have people visiting you all the time. But, don’t forget to be sociable during break times, you work with these people and need to have good work relationships with them.

Be proactive

If you know what needs to be done, don’t wait to be told to do it. Show initiative and suggest new projects. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate if you need to get things done and you don’t have the time to do it all.

Mix things up

Sometimes you need to change things around a little to give yourself and your colleagues a much needed jumpstart. Just changing where you work will feel like a treat, motivate you and make you more productive, so why don’t you take a work-at-home day or arrange an off-site meeting?

Are you an office manager who knows how to get stuff done? We’d love if you would share your favorite tip for getting things done in the office.


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