As an executive assistant you are the force behind the boss. You manage the executive’s calendar and phone calls, provide necessary information and keep things running smoothly.  

What are the qualities that you need to really help you excel at your job?  

Take a look at the 5 qualities to develop that will make you valuable as an executive assistant.

  1. Be a groupie. You know everything about your executive; you follow his or her every move.  You can anticipate what is required and provide items before the boss even asks.  You want what the executive wants and you put their best interests above your own. You are willing to go the extra mile to please and keep the executive happy.
  2. Be a gatekeeper. You should be aware of what the executive can and can’t do.  Is this additional meeting really necessary and does your boss have time for it?  Can you handle issues so they don’t take up the executive’s time? Prevent people from pushing your executive into commitments and obligations that will overcommit him or her.
  3. Be a communicator. Knowing what to say and more importantly how to say it; will give an executive assistant added value. The wrong message might break a deal or lose a client. You must be able to communicate pleasantly and effectively. Avoid the “open mouth, insert foot” situation.
  4. Be resourceful. We all know about Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, it’s up to you to be prepared. You need to be resourceful – expecting the unexpected and planning work arounds.  You should be able to pull off the impossible.
  5. Be strategic.  As an executive assistant you must see the big picture.  What are the strategic goals that need to be accomplished? How can you help your executive reach them? By knowing your companies interests – you can focus on what is really important to the firm and provide valuable information.

As an executive assistant you provide a vital service to your executive.  You are the right-hand person, magically handling whatever comes your way.  You are constantly improving and learning skills to make your executive’s life run flawlessly.  Remember the better you are – the better the executive will be.

What other tips do you have for providing added value to your executive?   


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